wasis.today is a nomadic art collective, born in 2014 in the former Laurie Grove Bath in London. Comprised of Nelmarie du Preez (ZA) and Audrey Salmon (FR),

they completed their MFA’s respectively at Goldsmiths College between 2012-2015. Currently they work on affairs of home, exploring heterochronies. They

observe and extract the effects that encyclopedic globalisation has on bodies and time.


For more info visit: www.wasis.today

Orchestrated Freedom (2016). Dual-channel Holographic video installation with sound and lighting.

Installation view at Room Gallery and Projects, Johannesburg, ZA.

Mermaid is Calling (2016). Digital Print, 65 x 47 cm.

At 10 past 10 (2016). Dual Channel video with sound. Duration: 8’15”




Post-human condition of hybrid identity.

I try to draw my robot portrait, persuaded that my body cannot be experienced without images.




Run, Run, Run, (the) machines are still running, spinning, swinging.


There is always another way.


Can I, can we forget that a bullet went through paradise?

Show me infallible beauty.

Show me eternal entertainment.


Let my thoughts leave my body, let them float, lift up the ocean.

Sea, see, the mermaid is calling.

It could be you, it could be young forever.



 (Extract from ‘At Ten Past Ten’, a short novel by wasis.today (2016))

Freedom vs Capitalism (2016). Single Channel video. Duration: 3’00”


Eternal Entertainment  (2016). Digital Print, 70 x 47 cm

Exhausted Traveler (2016). Digital Print, 70 x 47 cm

Show me your Paradise (2016). Digital Print, 70 x 47 cm